Transfer of Approval

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Transfer of Approval

Are you seeking to offer your online gaming across multiple jurisdictions?

We’ve got you covered!

Gaming Associates (ga) is offering time saving and cost-effective solutions by providing Transfer of Approval for your online gaming business.

How does that work?

If you have a preciously certified online game for any regulated internet gaming jurisdiction, we can perform targeted testing and inspection determining that it also complies to the requirements of a second jurisdiction.

Once a pre-certified game is launched in a new market, it is often adapted to local language and updated to appease the local market, new features or math models might be added to it. For such games to reduce any duplicate testing efforts, custom test scripts can be followed to determine the compliance of the updated features.

In this process we perform a gap analysis between the technical requirements of both jurisdictions and then follow a focused testing approach verifying the game compliance with the applicable jurisdictional specific requirements. We take into consideration the test results reported in the previously certified content which decreases project cost and duration.

This process will enable you to enter your intended markets in a lesser amount of time than usual.

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