Sports & Pari-Mutuel Betting Systems Testing

Ensure compliance of your sports and pari-mutuel betting systems with relevant regulatory requirements.
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Sports Betting

Sports betting has been gaining popularity in recent years and has become a popular entertainment interest for consumers. As the systems more sophisticated systems are being rolled out to facilitate wager placements and conciliation, there is an increase in the demand to regulate the industry and establish legislature to protect operators while providing attractive betting experience to the consumers.
Gaming Associates can assist you in navigating through the world of sports betting. We guide operators and suppliers in adapting their systems to the jurisdictional requirements of their target market, we guide regulators in developing industry accepted regulations.
Gaming Associates offer testing for several types of sports betting system:

  • Fixed odds betting
  • Online sports betting
  • Betting exchange
  • Parlay betting
  • Bets not based on sporting events
  • Pool betting
  • Gaming Associates evaluation guarantees that bets made online for occasions follow designated jurisdictional specialized guidelines and best practices.
  • Our testing also gives assurance that all bets placed are accurately settled and paid in view of the right chances and rules compared to the game or occasion. Additionally, we validate the presence of apposite controls for the event of cancellations, abandoned events, and refunds.
  • Thirdly, Gaming Associate examines the front-end action with back-outcome and affirms that a total and precise log of exchanges, execution, and installments are accessible upon demand from the framework for administrative, tax collection, player debate, or different purposes.
, Sports Betting, Gaming Associates | Regulator of Online Gaming Compliance & Testing

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