Risk Management

Manage risks to the security of your systems and mitigate their effect on your business.
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Risk Management is simply the process of managing risks based on your organisation’s security policies. The process includes assessment of people, processes and technologies that can potentially impact security.

A risk register and plan are developed in the process of risk (threat) identification, evaluation, prioritisation and development of mitigation controls (accept, reduce, transfer).

Risk Treatment Plan

The Risk Treatment Plan is built based on the results of the assessment, containing the actions recommended to improve ineffective controls. Each Risk Treatment step is mapped to relevant risks; as risk treatments are completed, the effectiveness of the control improves and in turn reduces the likelihood of mapped risks occurring.


  • Define the context of the assessment
  • Evaluate people, Processes & technology for potential risks
  • Consider source (internal/external) of the risk


  • Assess each identified risk
  • Categorise and prioritise based on Likelihood and Impact
  • Develop a risk analysis matrix to determine the level of risk


  • Avoiding risk
  • Reducing risk
  • Transfer risk
  • Accepting risk


  • Regularly monitor and review your risk management plan
  • Ensure the control measures are effective and insurance cover is adequate.

We utilise industry best practices to create a meaningful risk framework which is both comprehensive and highly-flexible

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