Platforms / Remote Gaming Server

Procure full-scale testing services for your platform including security, backup, recovery, continuity and much more.

A Platform or Remote Gaming Server provider is responsible for integrating the software from the supplier’s games to their gaming system and ensures that it complies with all applicable standards.

The assessment of Platform is carried out to verify the functionality of its components because it provides games to the user interface. The scope of work is tailored to what extent the platform functionality is divided between the supplier’s platform and the operator’s platform.

ga’s platform testing is focused on making sure that your platform is as secure as it can be and fulfills all the relevant jurisdictional requirements. Our evaluation process consists of the testing of following elements:

  • Player / User Account Systems

  • Account Login (Username & Password)
  • Account Registration
  • Operator Interface Account Maintenance
  • Player Interface Account Maintenance
  • Capabilities
  • Player Protection / Exclusion Systems
  • Accounting and Financial Reporting
  • Payment Systems & Financial Institution
  • Player Location Identification Software (* see Note below)
  • Interfacing (* see Note below)
  • Account Deactivation

  • Shutdown and Recovery

  • Data Transmission

  • Application Home Page

  • Functionality
  • Artwork (Graphical and Auditory User Interface)

  • Data Logging

  • Player Account Information
  • Time Stamping
  • Individual Game-Play Information
  • Game Session Information
  • Significant Events Information

  • Integrations to RGS

  • Reporting

  • Security (logical and physical)

  • System Reports

  • Functionality
  • Artwork (Graphical and Auditory User Interface)

ga has tested various platforms all while providing a cost-effective service. The platforms we tested include:

  • Player Management Platforms
  • Casino Platforms
  • Sports betting Platforms
  • Poker Platforms

Gaming Associates is geared up to assess your platform and RGS for robustness! Do not hesitate to talk to us about your needs as we are here to assist you…

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