Platform Testing

Procure full-scale testing services for your platform including security, backup, recovery, continuity and much more.

ga’s platform testing is focused on making sure that your platform is as secure as it can be, by examining both physical and logical threats. ga ensures that your platform is completely secure and complies with all jurisdictional requirements.

Our platform testing methodology complies with all jurisdictions and involve testing but not limited to:

  • Security (logical and physical)
  • Backup, Recovery and Business Continuity
  • System logs and game history
  • Integrations to Remote Gaming System (RGS)
  • Play Registrations, Accounts and Protection
  • System Reports

ga has tested various platforms all while providing a cost-effective service. The platforms we tested include:

  • Player Management Platforms
  • Casino Platforms
  • Sporsbetting Platforms
  • Poker Platforms

We also offer transfer of approvals (TOA) between jurisdictions.

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